Set your young adult up for success from the start.


Launch! covers money management and investment basics. Our self-paced, online course gives teens a 5-year plan to get them started off right and a 50 year plan to get them set up well for retirement. 



Does your teen have what it takes for a successful launch?


Ages 15 - 25


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Launch! teaches vital skills and knowledge such as:

  • Passive income

  • Wealth Building

  • Assets and Liabilities

  • Credit scores     

  • Appreciation and Depreciation

  • Compound Interest

  • Financing


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Let your children learn from my mistakes! My husband and I made a lot of financial mistakes at the beginning of our marriage. It took a lot of hard work to turn it all around and get back on the right track. I now take what I learned, plus my 20 years of teaching experience to help create a better future for my kids and yours.


What people are saying about The Smart Money Academy...


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I really liked how you explained every detail of each part. How you kinda gave us each a real life situation in each lesson. My favorite part was when we learned about what can happen with credit cards. Thank you for everything!

~Christie, 12

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I loved that we received a recap after each class, so we could discuss that day's class at home. It made us feel involved and in the "know". My son seemed to retain a lot of the content as well.

~3rd grade parent

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My son really enjoyed learning about the principles of money and how saving is just as important (if not more) than spending. Some changes are coming to our house!

~6th grade parent

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Love it! Wish I would have had the opportunity to take a class like this 40 years ago!

~8th grade parent

It's never too early to get started

Money management is the single most important skill our kids will need for future success and yet...
many kids graduate with no idea how to manage their finances.

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